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Punching Down
πŸ“Έ by @thejunglechic

Male lion with a topi calf in is jaws.

Young are often targeted by predators for a few very simple reasons: they are easy to kill and pose virtually no risk of injury as they are absolutely defenseless without the protection of the adults.

That’s not to say there’s no risk at all, an errant hoof to the eye can be catastrophic to any hunter who relies on sight when selecting their prey.

This is why lions will sometimes use pandemonium as a weapon by barreling at heards when they’re altogether: the ensuing chaos will often create a few stragglers, thus making their selection of whose turn it is to die much easier.

Larger animals that are injured during the ruckus are also on their radar, as these unfortunate souls will provide more food than several calves.

It all depends on the outcome of the chaos they design.



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