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Strength Beyond Strength
πŸ“½ by @tom_rowland

Single ant pulling a dead lizard across an asphalt driveway.

Despite their size, ants are some of the strongest animals in the entire world, and this immense power is directly related to their size.

Because they are so small, they don’t need to expend a ton of energy carrying their own body around. This makes it much easier for a single ant to drag a full grown lizard long distances without dying of exhaustion.

The neck strength of an ant is even more insane when it comes to carrying static (consistent) weight. Some field ants (in a controlled setting) were able to bear a load that is 5000 times their own weight using just their teeny tiny neck.

From fungus farming, to insanely complex structure building, super speed and nearly unlimited stamina, these insects have a wide range of abilities of which humans can only fantasize about.



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