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Life Fast, Die Young

📸 by @memsandfaridacarim

Two cheetahs turn a springbok into Laffy Taffy

There is an evolutionary reason for the cheetah’s incredible speed: the food they prefer is also incredibly quick and nimble.

Hypothetically, if burritos or my mothers pasta fagioli were somehow able to run away from me, you can bet your ass I’d be making an effort to follow in the footsteps of @davidgoggins and @cameronrhanes in some capacity

For example, springbok are among the fastest land animals in the world, they can sustain speeds of 61mph (98km/h) in an open sprint and are capable of “pronking” (jumping) 13ft (4m) vertically from a standstill.

When they combine speed with their impressive jumping ability, they can leap up to 50ft (15m) horizontally, allowing them to clear obstacles/large dips in the terrain with ease.

Even with all of these tools at their disposal, the average life span of a springbok in the wild is roughly 8 years.

Some of the other speedy food items cheetah specialize in are:
Kudu                          55mph (88km/h)
Impala                       50mph (80km/h)
Grant’s Gazelle        44mph (71km/h)
Sable Antelope        43mph (69km/h)
Thomson’s Gazelle 40mph (64km/h)



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