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Be Mine
πŸ“Έ by @thesafarikindaguy

Spotted hyena holding the heart of a topi in its mouth, proving once and for all that valentines day is any day you want it to be.

Spotted hyenas have exceptionally powerful jaws, the force of their bite has been measured at 1100psi (pounds per square inch).

Their bite force is strong enough that crushing up the bones of their prey and eating them is not out of the question.

For comparison, their eternal enemies (lions) have a bite force of only 650psi, and with the exception of the cheetah (450psi) they have the weakest bite of all big cats.

Speaking of Valentines Day, you can expect to see this one reposted on February 14th 2021.

If fact, if you possess any graphic design talent please turn this into a valentines day card and I’ll share the best ones!

Make sure to post them in your story and TAG @natureismetal, that way I am pretty much guaranteed to see them. DMing them to me is bad idea.



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