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The Many-Faced God
πŸ“Έ by @alissatphotos

4 of the 5 members of the tano bora cheetah coalition (aka the fast 5) photographed feeding on a wildebeest.

The adult males of this speedy species often become solitary or pair up with another male to hunt. The fast five are the first of their kind – they are the largest known coalition of male cheetahs.

These 5 fleet-footed hypercarnivores are one of the main attractions of the masai mara.

They are known for their exhilarating pursuits and spectacular takedowns of large prey animals, which speaks to the advantage of a coalition this size, as a solitary cheetah (male or female) would most likely not be able to take down an adult wildebeest on their own.

And while a pair of cheetah working in tandem might fair a little better, the fast 5 do it regularly and for good reason: they have more mouths to feed.

Only death can pay for life.



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