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Flying Banana
📸 by @africanmamaske

Southern yellow-billed hornbill snacking on a lizard.

These medium-sized birds are widespread across South Africa.

The yellow-billed hornbill has been known to forage co-operatively with dwarf mongoose, catching prey items that the mongoose scratch up from the ground.

There is anecdotal evidence of hornbills waiting expectantly at mongoose burrows, anxious for the scouring to commence.

In return for this assistance, the hornbills alert the mongoose to danger from overhead raptors, if and when it is detected.

The yellow-billed hornbill is an omnivorous ground feeder, foraging for seeds, fruit, insects, spiders and even scorpions.

They also catch snakes on occasion, which they kill by bashing them on against a hard surface.

Their prey is swallowed whole, allowing any indeigestable segmemts to pass through their digestive system.



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