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Knives Out
πŸ“Έ by @marlondutoit

The king of the jungle showing off the hardware.

Jaguar are the 3rd largest big cat in the world, and the largest cat in the Americas. They live as far north as Arizona (or at least they did) but you’ll have the best luck finding one in South America.

The jaguar is an expert swimmer, they regularly dispatch caiman, anaconda and turtles by launching themselves into the water and dragging them out to feed. They’ll employ a well-placed bite to the back of the skull as the preferred means of execution.

The jaguars bite is their most formidable weapon, they have the strongest bite (relative to their size) of any large cat. The strength of a jaguars bite is the result of increased leverage, due to the arrangement of the cat’s jaw muscles and the fact that the jaw itself is shorter.

Combined, these two variations give jaguar the sheer power to crack a turtle’s shell and bite through the thick, armour-like skin of a caiman with ease.



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