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Looks That Kill
📸 by @a.curious.ape

This lioness is yawning, but it looks like it’s roaring so I’m gonna post this up because only a handful of people ever read what I write here anyway.

Its to be expected, this app is based on visuals and not really meant for my daily diatribes, but I will continually make an effort to include supplemental info whenever I have the time to do so.

For instance: Every cat’s tongue is covered in tiny, backwards facing barbs called papillae, making them super rough like sandpaper. They can literally lick the hyde off an animal if they work at it long enough.

These papillae are made of keratin, the same fibrous structural protein that is responsible for hair, fingernails, feathers, claws, horns, hooves, callouses and the outer layer of skin among most vertebrates.

If you zoom in on this photo you can see them



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