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One-Eyed Jack
📸 by @wildmanadventures

Little Eagle (Hieraaetus morphnoides) with a freshly killed Ridge Tail Monitor (Varanus acanthurus) Arrernte Country, Central Australia.

The winner here is obvious, the pint-sized raptor emerged victorious over the ridge tail. The big question is: did the ridge tail score one of the eagle’s eyes before he shoved off this mortal coil?

It is possible that this bird had 50% of its observational capabilities ripped out long before laying the other half on the monitor, and it is also possible this happened during this very struggle.

And while a definitive answer to this question may be elusive, one thing is for sure: the strength to carry on no matter the adversity they may be faced with is a trait all animals possess, and you cannot help but admire their perseverance.



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