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Kiss of Death
πŸ“Έ by @doricaspi

A single lioness latches onto the snout of a wildebeest in order to subdue it and eventually end its life.

This is an impressive kill for a single lioness.

A fully grown gnu (wildebeest) can weight almost double the average weight of a lioness. (300lbs – 136kg)

Hunting alone is something that lioness will do from time to time, but they usually work as a team to bring down prey.

Two big advantages of hunting together:

They reduce their own risk of injury, which depending on the boo boo could be catastrophic.

It is much easier to make a kill when you have assistance.

At first I though she might have sustained a cut on the back of her leg, but after zooming in it looks like “something” bled on her.



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