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πŸ“Έ by @vishal_subramanyan_photography
by @vishal_subramanyan_photography

Bobcat w/ a soon to be dead squirrel

On a Spring day last year, I witnessed one of the harshest events I have seen in nature. It started when I spotted a bobcat slinking across a field. With his body flat and legs crouched to the ground, it was clear this cat was stalking something.

It didn’t take me long to realize the target- two ground squirrels, one atop of a log, and one at the base of a tree. As the cat slowly inched closer to the squirrels, the one on the top spotted the cat and let out a blood-curling warning call. But it was too late, as the cat had already pounced and caught the other squirrel.

After making the catch, the bobcat took his prize and started trotting my direction with it. The squirrel, still alive, was kicking a lot initially, but as the cat’s teeth sank into its scruff, the squirrel took its last gasps of air, as the cat went into the brush to enjoy his meal.



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