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Master of the Sky
πŸ“½ by @jakewiltonphoto

Wedgetailed eagle digging into a dead kangaroo.

The largest verified wingspan of any wedgetailed eagle is 2.84m (9ft 4in), placing them among the largest eagles in the world.

They are the largest bird of prey in Australia.

Like most lifeforms on the planet, the prospect of a free meal is not something they’ll pass up, so pushing ravens off a carcass is not something they shy away from.

On the other hand, these large birds of prey are very skilled hunters on their own, and even better in tandem – these raptors have been witnessed teaming up with other wedges to hunt larger prey (domestic sheep, red kangaroos).

The strategy employed for heftier prey items is to push them towards unforgiving terrain in an attempt to isolate the weakest of the group, not unlike terrestrial predators.

Fun fact: On more than on occasion, wedgetailed eagles have attacked hang gliders/paragliders that enter into their territory.



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