Friendly Fire
πŸ“Έ by @tom_augustijns

A dead spotted hyena being cannibalized, and then eaten by vultures… and then back to being cannibalized.

Cannibalism may be a huge no-no for us humans, but animals have no such constraints, and they do it more often than you might think.

Some salamander larvae depend on cannibalism for nutrition. Cane toads prefer to eat other, smaller cane toads – presumably to cut down on future competition.

Baby sand tiger sharks turn their mothers womb into a pre-natal thunderdome, devouring their siblings until only a few babies remain.

A whole slew of mammals will eat their own children when times get tough. Some offspring practice matriphagy (devouring of their own mother) however this behavior is most commonly found in insects.

Cannibalism is just another way to survive in the animal kingdom, and survival is priority number one.



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