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Head Start
📸 by @jacquesbarlow
by @jacquesbarlow

African painted dog holding the head of a baby impala in her mouth.

Most predators rely on stealth to hunt their prey, but wild dogs rarely require such tactics.

The dogs are built for high stamina chases. A typical hunt will involve the pack spreading out in a line to cover more ground and give each member space to manoeuvre.

Upon finding prey the dogs will immediately approach and test the animals’ defences, probing a herd for any weak members. Once a target is selected, the pack attempts to panic and separate the herd.

The pack then gives chase to the selected individual, with some dogs performing flanking movements to cut off any avenues of escape.

Like an Olympic cycling team, the dog at the head of the chase will pull back as they tire and another one will take their place.

Eventually, after a few kilometres, the prey begins to become exhausted. At this point the pack, with their high endurance and teamwork, easily take the prey down.



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