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📸 by @uli_wildlife

Lion cub with a missing eye, destined to rule the plains of Botswana and surrounding area with his iron will.

This little dude has not only seen some shit, but he has lived through it, pretty much preordaining his eventual rise to power and ultimately his dominion over everything the light touches.

In the same way naming your daughter Ecstasy all but guarantees her exotic dancing career OR giving your son the name Geeves will most likely limit him to a butler-style living arrangement, this lion cub and his silver eye are destined to make some noise on the wildest stage of them all.

Reality check:

With its ocular handicap, the chances of this cub actually making it to adulthood are unfortunately lesser. For male lions, the road to maturity is already a long and difficult path, full of rejection and hardship.

In order to fulfill the prophecy I’ve imposed on this little dude, he will have to fight for his life on more than one occasion and either win, or escape without significant injury, in order to one day overpower and oust the alpha of another pride and take his rightful place on the throne.

PS: This photo is 3 years old, so everything I just wrote could already be null and void.



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