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Its Always Too Soon To Quit
πŸ“½ by @latestkruger

Honey badger saves her baby from a leopard

They may be small, but honey badgers have a reputation for being absolutely fearless, and this footage is a perfect example of just how barren the field in which they grow their fucks actually is.

Somewhere down the line we dubbed them honey badgers because they occasionally climb up to a bee hive and gorge themselves on the sweet stuff, much to the dismay of the rest of the hive. The skin of the honey badger is thick and rubbery enough to render the stings of the pissed-off bee colony useless.

But they also eat a wide range of smaller mammals, insects and snakes. In fact, roughly a quarter of the honey badgers diet is made up of snakes. They also have an incredibly strong bite, enough to break trough the shell of a tortoise.

The only predators that can handle them are lions, leopards, hyenas and pythons (humans too), but they are definitely a handful and most times not worth the effort.

I feel like they should be called something other than honey badgers. If you could rename them, what would you call them instead?

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