📸 by @conny_lundstrom

Golden eagle and red fox

The tale of the eagle and the fox is a fable of betrayal and revenge. There are a few variants of this story, so I’m gonna do a little finessing to make it work.

As the story goes, the fox and the eagle live close to one another. They aren’t friendly, but they acknowledge each other’s boundaries. One day while searching for food, the eagle captures and kills the foxes cubs, feeding them to her own young

Distraught, the mother fox goes out at night in search of vengeance. She finds it in a burning log at a human campsite, and with her mouth she drags it over to the tree in which the eagle has built her nest.

After bundling firewood to the base of it, the fox sets the tree alight and gobbles up the roasted eagle chicks as they tumble out of the nest.

This tale is meant as a warning to the rich and powerful, to fear vengeance from the humble ones they harm.

“The proud rich man will never have mercy on the poor man because of his hue and cry, but if the poor man could wreak vengeance on him, then you would see the rich man bow.”

As good a story as this is, that’s all it’ll ever be, a story. Eagles fear no reprisal for their actions against the fox, just as the lion does not worry itself over the opinions of sheep.

On this cruel and indifferent plane of existence, justice and righteousness stand weak legged against the cold prevailing wind.



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