What That Neck Do
πŸ“½ via @latestkruger

Two giraffes fighting like a couple of those wacky wavy inflatable tube people you see in front of a car dealership.

Male giraffes fight with their necks because it’s the most powerful and maneuverable weapon they have. Bulls fight to establish dominance or to win the right to mate with the females (cows) in a particular area.

Necking in their world is the most violent and unpleasant experience they’re ever likely to engage in with eachother. These fights are very serious, with the giraffes repeatedly slamming their necks against one another with the intent to cause real injury.

They use head butts and the horns on top of their heads, known as ossicones, to inflict damage to the soft underbelly. They may also try a debilitating kick with their hooves.



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