πŸ“½Β  by @thetyingalchemist

Black snake defying gravity and consuming a large squirrel at the same time.

It is believed that hanging a horseshoe over your doorway will bring you good luck and protection against evil forces.

Naturally, after this thought entered my head I looked up superstitions about snakes, and there are some wacky ones! Such as:

Hanging snakeskin from your rafters is said to protect your house from fire. A snake crossing your path or dreaming of a snake is believed by some to be a bad omen, kinda like a black cat being anywhere near me at any point in time.

Pregnant women who get frightened by a snake are doomed to give birth to a child with a constricted neck. There is another one that sort of conflicts this one and says a snake will never bite a pregnant woman.

Yet another says that pregnant women should drink a mixture of water/powdered rattlesnake rattle to ease the pain of childbirth. Another one (What is up with snakes and pregnant women?) says to tie a dried snakeskin around a pregnant woman’s waist for the same effect.

When a snakes head is severed, it will not die until sunset. Carrying a snakes tooth can ward off disease and also serve as a good luck charm when gambling.

Snakes have been living in our heads rent-free since the dawn of time, and these strange superstitions prove that.

PS: I can’t believe I need to say this, but none of these work



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