πŸ“Έ by @huntsoloty

Cougar missing an eye

Banged up, but still kicking

I feel like everyone can relate to this beast in someway after the clusterfuck of a year we’ve had.

But we made it!

We survived everything this year crushed up and fired at us. It wasn’t an easy year, far from it, and it will be nice to bury this bitch deep and move on to 2021, but next year doesn’t look like it’s gonna be any better… at least to start with.

Somethings to be optimistic about for 2021:

Vaccines. No matter how you feel about them, IN MY OPINION they are the way we slowly get back on track, because COVID is obviously here for the long haul.

Fucking live music! I’m not sure about the rest of you, but music is such a large part of my life that the abrupt absence of it really affected me. I’m calling it right now, I’m seeing every band I can this year, as soon as venues open back up where I live.

Movies! Fuck the drive-in! I wanna pick stale popcorn out of the treads of my shoes and throw sour patch kids at people that won’t shut the fuck up. I want all of it, good and bad, because I took it for granted. I won’t do that again.

In 2021, my mission is to make a real effort to stop and enjoy all the things that I and everyone else was robbed of, every sip of coffee in a cafe and every bite of food in a restaurant will be savored and appreciated when these lockdowns finally relax.

Anyway, 2020 can fuck off

Bring on 2021