πŸ“Έ by @bengillam_

Silver fox carrying 3 (maybe 4) ground squirrels back to her den.

Silver foxes are just melanistic versions of red foxes, and they display a few different variations in their pelts. Some are all black, some look blueish grey and some look like a snack, like this one in the picture.

They behave in the exact same manner as your run of the mill red fox, but with the added bonus of being harder to detect when it gets dark. Silver foxes do not mate exclusively with other silver foxes, so litter mates can be a mix of red and/or melanistic.

At the height of the fur trade, silver fox pelts were among the most sought after as they were frequently worn by noblefolk in Russia, China and Western Europe as a way of flexing on the working class, telegraphing their wealth like assholes by wearing the skin of a dead animal as decoration.

Just as an aside, for those that don’t know – the term melanistic refers to melanism, which is defined as an increased amount of black or nearly black pigmentation in an organism.



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