Alexa, Play Baby Shark
πŸ“½ by @tamadive

Whitetip reef sharks doing the deed

If it wasn’t glaringly obvious by the footage, shark sex is extremely aggressive. The males will bite and hold onto the female in order to immobilize/keep her entwined long enough to engage her oviduct with his clasper.

In some shark species, the skin on the back and pectoral fins of the female shark is more than twice as thick as that same skin on a male shark. Female sharks often bare scars or deep indentations in those areas.

The males come complete with 2 claspers (shark penis Γ—2) and in some sharks the claspers are equipped with hooks/spurs that “clasp” onto the walls of the female ovidict (shark vagina) to better facilitate fertilization.

Fun fact: in some species of shark, the embryos will cannibalize eachother in the womb! Their fight to survive begins before they are even born!

#nimrewind December 25th 2019



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