Bull Buster
📸 by @markziephoto
by @markziephoto

Nile crocodile attempting to gulp down a bull shark pup

When apex predators meet who has the edge? It’s an old debate but a bit if a moot point here given the large size difference between this nile crocodile and a Zambezi (bull) shark pup.

Above average rainfall inland along the South African east coast this year has led to high volume river discharges and an abundance of food for these predators at the mouth of river estuaries as freshwater species are washed down river into saline coastal waters.It also appears to provide ideal nursery and pupping sites for the bull sharks, with numerous young sharks sighted over the past weekend.

Still, it remains an interesting question: what does happen when large sharks meet large crocodiles in the same place? More likely than not they probably avoid each other. Even such large predators at the top of the food chain are inherently wary and tend to avoid risking injury or death…besides, in this case at least they have plenty of other food to keep them busy for now!



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