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📸 by @senthil_kandeepan_images

Bengal tiger about to crush a chital deer like an empty beer can.

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that the younger an animal is, the more likely it ends up in the mouth of something larger.

Predators tend to take the path of least resistance, and that’s because there’s usually a lot of it. The hardships they face are all too real, and starving to death isn’t that many missed opportunities away.

Almost everything they eat has to be killed against its will, nothing comes easy and absolutely nothing can be taken for granted. If the predator hasn’t eaten in a while, expending calories for nothing in return is a bad investment.

Newborns are not as sure-footed as their parents, they are not as aware of the danger around them. They also won’t put up as much of fight as a full grown adult, they’re easier to subdue which means less risk of injury to the hunter.

The table is definitely tilted in the favor or the predator in this instance, and they must exploit these opportunities every chance they get.


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