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You Don’t Win Friends With Salad
πŸ“Έ by @suhaib_wild

A male lion relieves a warthog of duty.

Some meals come easier than others, this was a one on one battle that put both animals through the ringer.

Fortunately for the lion, he eats today.

All male lions spend around 2 years of their lives by themselves, and some of them remain nomads for their entire lives.

Most of them will go on to either start prides of their own or team up with other nomads and take over an existing pride by ousting the males via combat.

There are many motives that drive the desire to be part of a pride as opposed to a life of solitude, but the main sticking point is reproduction.

It may be common for the males to be singular, but it is quite uncommon for a female lion of breeding age to be found without the protection of a pride.


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