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Raw Power
πŸ“Έ by @chris_mclennan1

A great white shark breaches with a fur seal (decoy) in its jaws.

South Africa’s False Bay is the best location on the planet to observe great whites hunting in this manner.

The fur seals they hunt in this way are more agile and are capable of out maneuvering the sharks in a dead sprint, so this tactic removes the need for a long drawn-out chase.

These attacks begin roughly thirty seconds to a minute before the actual breach, when the shark pinpoints a seal and builds up speed using an insane amount of strength, ripping through the water at close to 30mph (48km/h)

The sharks will charge up and hit the seals from below with a catastrophic attack before they even know what’s happening. Some sharks achieve a hangtime of up to 4 seconds after one of these attacks, proving that the energy requirements for these attacks are massive.


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