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Hangin Tough
πŸ“Έ by @dipenpopat

Sub adult wildebeest with a nasty abdominal injury.

First off, this didn’t happen the way you think it did.

During the organized chaos of a river crossing, it’s every wildebeest for itself. Most times there are only a few suitable paths to take up from the riverbed to the open grassland. A lot of times, those paths are lined with jagged rocks.

These paths get crowded, animals get squeezed to the outside and it’s so very easy for them to lose their footing, fall and land on an outcropping of jagged stone.

The part that never gets old for me is how unfazed it looks.

That doesn’t mean it’s not in pain: prey animals are conditioned to not show weakness, instictually knowing that doing so would make them a target for predators.

Regrettably, no amount of conditioning will remove the bullseye from this unfortunate soul.


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