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I Burn For You
📸 by @kesteum

Catania’s Mount Etna has erupted (again)

Mount Etna is the tallest active volcano in Europe and one of the most active volcanoes on Earth.

The name of the volcano derives from the Greek word “aitne” meaning “I burn” in English, which might tell you just how often the mount blows its top.

Geological characteristics indicate that this volcano has been active for the past 2.6 million years.

Etna displays nearly continuous eruption activity, but these major eruptions are a little more rare. The last major eruption of Mount Etna occurred in 1992.

During that eruption, lava flows were successfully diverted away from the town of Zafferana via explosives and the digging of trenches/placement of concrete blocks.

This method was attempted roughly 300 years earlier (without the aid of explosives) and resulted in a battle between two neighboring cities when the flow of lava was diverted away from one city and inadvertently made its way to the other.

It is hypothesized that Etna could eventually slip into the Mediterranean sea, which would spell catastrophe for the surrounding area in the form of a massive tsunami.

There’s a few videos of this eruption in our story today, if you’re interested in seeing more.


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