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Safety is an Illusion
📸 by @pablocersosimo

Here is yet another example of how lucky we are to not be considered a viable food source by these lords of the ocean.

Follow me on the hypothetical journey these  photographs started me on:

Imagine you’re lying down on a beach, feet pointed towards the ocean. You’re relaxed. You look up at the sky. You think to yourself: “Is that a seagull? Looks like he caught some french fries for lunch.” The thought slips away like the soft ocean breeze. “Who cares, they weren’t my fries.” The sound of the waves lulls you into a quasi dream state, you slowly drift away to sleep.

This whole time, while you were trying to determine what the bird had just plundered, the tide has been rising gradually. When you first sat down you were roughly 15 feet from the edge of the water, whereas now the ocean sits inches from your heels and it’s getting closer. Out in the water a large dorsal fin peeks out above the rolling waves. It’s an orca! His pod has been working through an incredible run of bad luck, they haven’t eaten in a month. They are starving to death.

In an unprecedented act of desperation, the orca decides that 30 days of starvation is long enough and lines up with the life-form sunning itself at the edge of the water. This is a huge risk; even at high tide it is possible that the 6 tonne (13227lb) killer whale will not be able to wriggle his way back to the safety of the waves – and unlike the beaches of Patagonia where smooth stones line the orcas approach and make it easier to slide back out, this beach offers no such help.

It doesn’t matter. It’s now or never.

With a powerful burst of speed, the 6-tonne orca takes off with his sights on the guy in the green swim trunks, napping in the perfect spot for an ambush. None of them are aware of it, but this is the first time in the history of either species that an orca and a human will interact in this way.

And it won’t be the last.

**Wild orcas don’t attack humans, on the beach, in the ocean, it just doesn’t happen.
Sea lions are a different story.