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Never To Return
πŸ“½ by @petergeraerdts

Wild dogs brutally take down a pregnant impala.

Just like I said in the previous upload, animals do not have the capacity to be malevolent. Predators cause a tremendous amount of suffering, not for the sake of suffering, but for the sake of survival.

Suffering is a by-product of survival and this is true for just about every organism on the planet.

Today is apparently World Wildlife Day, I wasn’t aware of this fact until 15 minutes ago but since these awareness days are created to focus on the plight of endangered species (among other things) I figured the african painted dog would fit into this theme perfectly.

A lot of people don’t realize how few of these animals are left in the wild (the number hovers around 6500 total). In fact they’ve been on the IUCN red list since the 1990s.
The day they go away for good will be a sad day indeed.

Anyway, now you’re aware


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