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Inside Out
πŸ“Έ by @landie_fourie_wildlife

Chacma baboon gnawing on an inside-out baby impala.

These primates are omnivorous, which is bad news for the prey items they harvest because they are usually eaten alive.

Chama baboons are one of the species largest, second only to the mandrill in terms of mass. Most of their diet does not consist of the flesh of others, but that only depends on the availability of such treats.

Given the opportunity, these primates have been documented hunting small antelope, birds, even leopard cubs, which is beneficial for the baboons in more ways than for the obvious food value.

Leopards hunt these baboons by taking advantage of the fact that the primates are active diurnally (daytime), the leopards wait until they’re sleeping and grab them out of trees.

By killing and eating the leopards cubs, they are doing a great service to their future generations by lessening the large cats they’ll have to deal with, one baby at a time.


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