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Go For Broke
πŸ“½ via @viralhog

A large bullfrog trying to swallow a coot roughly three times it’s own size.

This has got to be a one in a million discovery, and if this interaction wasn’t recorded, the majority of people you might tell a story like this would call bullshit until they ran out of breath.

When he was just a tadpole, someone/something told this future bullfrog that impossible is nothing. Cut to him trying to swallow a waterfowl larger than his entire body and I think he might have taken that to heart.

And yet, even though there is no way that the frog would ever succeed in swallowing that bird, this guy should have left them alone. I know his kids were there, and that might have amplified the moral dilemma this man was in, but in my opinion interference with the natural way is always the wrong answer.

Agree or disagree?


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