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Killer of Killers

📸 by @christianbrunskill

A jaguar puts the hurt on a yacaré caiman

Jaguar in the pantanal region of Brazil put their expert stalking prowess to good use, hunting caiman on the regular.

These large spotted felines sport the strongest bite force of any other big cat, and when placed in the correct spot they can kill a caiman with one powerful chomp.

Catching one is certainly no easy feat, and while they may prefer to hunt caiman on solid ground, jaguar seem to have no issues taking the fight to them in the water, sometimes lunging out of trees that overhang the river to ambush them from above.

Caiman are like alligators but they are much smaller. The largest caiman at max weight (100lbs – 45kg) would still only be 1/8 the size of your average alligator, who weigh in at around 800lbs (362kg) when fully grown.

I’m not saying a 250lb (113kg) jaguar couldn’t hypothetically take an alligator, what I am saying is that if she’s been practicing on caiman, the gator would be at least 8 times harder to finish.

Jaguar are the true kings of the jungle
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