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Unseeing Eyes
πŸ“Έ by @deerassociation

This whitetail deer was found roaming the streets of Farragut, Tennessee with thick hair growing out of both eyes.

Photo #2 was a submission to the @meateater podcast, where this same type of thing happened to a cow elk in New Mexico.

This bizarre disorder is caused by dermoids, which are benign tumors that consist of tissues found elsewhere in the body.

The dermoids found in the eyes of this particular deer turned out to be skin cells with fully-functioning hair follicles, and this unlucky buck had been slowly cultivating his luscious ocular locks since birth.

While these occurrences are rare, humans are not immune to these types of conditions. Dermoids have manifested hairy eyeballs in humans in the past, they’ve also been found growing skin, oil and sweat glands, even teeth while encapsulated within the cystic walls of the dermoid.

It might not be pretty, but this stuff never gets old.


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