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Micro Aggression
πŸ“½ by @ashrussell66

Australian redback spider gets dropped by a wasp that specializes in hunting these potentially lethal arachnids.

The spider is not dead, the sting of the redback spider-hunting wasp (Agenioideus nigricornis) is only meant to incapacitate the victim indefinitely.

Once the spider is rendered helpless, the wasp drags it back to her nest and lays a single egg onto its abdomen. The redback was never meant to be food for the wasp who nabbed it, rather it was selected as a live meal for its offspring.

When the egg hatches, the wasp larvae will begin to devour the spider, taking care to avoid vital organs to keep the victim alive (fresh) for as long as possible.

As only a name like redback spider-hunting wasp could suggest, Agenioideus nigricornis only performs this hellish ritual on redback spiders ,and just like redbacks, they are native to Australia.

The wasps are quite useful in keeping the population of these potentially dangerous arachnids low. Redbacks are one of the more dangerous species of australian spider, not only because they are venomous, but because they seem to prefer to live in close proximity to human dwellings.

So if you have a problem with these little beauties, you know who to call on.


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