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πŸ“Έ by @christianbrunskill

Jaguar nabs a small anaconda

In 2015, researchers studying large cats in south-eastern Brazil discovered one of their radio-collared felines inside the stomach of a 4.2m anaconda.

The researchers were studying pumas, not jaguar, and the predatory reptile had sustained significant injuries subduing and swallowing the large carnivore, enough that the anaconda was dead by the time it was found.

There’s no telling why the large snake risked life and lack of limbs to kill and eat another predator, but it is safe to say that top jungle killers do not interact in this way often.

This goes double for jaguars, who are larger, heavier and a lot more difficult to contain than a cougar would be. The juice isn’t worth the squeeze when you’re squeezing something that can squeeze back harder.

And if the interactions are themselves scarce, how rare do you think photos of these encounters are? The answer is: pretty fucking rare.

Lucky for us, Chris Brunskill has spent thousands of hours observing wild jaguar in order to capture rare encounters such as this, and he’s been gracious enough to allow us to share these on his behalf.

There’s also a video, which I will be uploading in the next hour or so.

So stay tuned…


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