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More Than A Feeling
πŸ“Έ by @seanlophotography

Brown bear and a fish she caught slippin’

For the longest time, a commonly held belief about fish in general was that because their nervous system is simpler than that of a terrestrial mammal, that they do not have the capacity to feel pain like one.

They might feel something, but nothing like the agony bestowed upon the prey animals that walk the earth.

And while this theory is almost certainly wrong, it is very hard to prove. Anything short of turning yourself into a fish OR allowing a fish to somehow communicate while subjecting it to experiment after experiment and having it report back what it feels will be met with skepticism, because these things are impossible.

It has been proven that fish can detect different chemicals in the water, different water pressures, different temperatures, just by being in said water. Fish also produce the same opioids (pain killers) as terrestrial mammals do when injured, so saying they don’t feel pain in the same way is almost certainly, bullshit.


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