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Sand Octopus Vs. Maori Octopus

The Maori Octopus is one of the largest & strongest octopus species found around New Zealand & Australia.

Large Maori octos hide out in tiny crevices recognizable by the scattered remains of crab & mussel shells— otherwise known as their lair.

In this instance a Maori spotted a southern sand octopus and was able use its powerful suction cups to yank it back from attempting to flee.

Cannibalism is a common behavior for many octopus in the order of large eating small— however small robust Maori octopus are known to attack and overpower larger octopus species where habitats overlap.

However, It’s important to note that the instance above isn’t technically cannibalism as the sand octopus is a different species from the Maori.

Marine Biologists believe that octopus cannibalism & octo on octo predatory behavior is driven by energy efficiency–why spend more time envenomating & prying open a mussel when octopus meat is higher per-gram in protein?

The octopus thinks about these kinda things in a underwater world where most view it as a floating protein bar— best to hunt & den as fast as possible.

Plenty of male Maori Octos have learned the hard way when a female isn’t in the mood to mate— failed attempts lead to dinner for her.


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