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Mind: Blown
πŸ“Έ by @shaun_malan_photography

Leopard chewing on the head of a baby impala.

There are unproven claims that impala can delay the birth of their young for up to a month. Their breeding season is in May and the gestation period is roughly 6 months, so the births tend to correspond to the beginning of the wet season, which usually starts in November.

But it doesnt always arrive when it’s supposed to, so it’s important to time it correctly as the dry season squeezes a large number of animals (predators included) towards fewer and fewer watering holes, whereas during the wet season, liquid life is more plentiful, so the chances of running into a hungry predator when looking for a drink, is less.

This strategy is vital, because babies are easy money and targeted specifically for their inexperience and uncoordinated attempts at escaping.

There is another benefit of a large herd having kids at the same time: overfeeding the local carnivores. This sacrifice will ensure at least a certain percentage of each generation will reach breeding age.


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