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📸 by @jens_cullmann

Wild dog and a fetal impala after being removed from the mom.

The natural agony of the wild is all around us at all times, it is neither “good” or “bad” as these are human judgements that cannot be applied to a system that predates human language and humanity itself.

Intervention on the part of humans serves only to help us sleep at night, not taking into account that if we were to help the antelope, we would starve the dogs. Helping one animal always hurts at least one more, that is how closely connected they are.

And if you think about it, we already fuck with their system enough via habitat destruction, pollution and the introduction of invasive species to habitats that have no natural safeguards against the overpopulation of these invaders, who will sooner or later lean on the system until it buckles.

If you’re wondering, this is a blanket response to the “sOmeBoDy Help iT” people.


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