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Personal Gain
πŸ“Έ by @valentinpacaut

Lioness warns the rest of the pride to stay back.

She’s got a large hunk of elephant trunk and she’s not looking to share it.

This particular elephant did not die at the will of the lions, but there once was a pride that was famous for learning to attack and successfully kill full grown elephants in the okavango delta.

When food becomes scarce you need to work with what you have. The okavango had elephants at this time, and not much else. The pride would work together, 30 strong and bring the largest land animal on planet earth down to the canvass for the 1,2,3

As time went on and the flow of the savuti river brought buffalo and impala back to the okavango, the pride’s mega-fauna hunting venture became less and less necessary.

The lions of the okavango are some of, if not THE largest lions in the world, so that probably helped a little.


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