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This is the face I make when there’s cilantro anywhere near my food. Cilantro is a bioweapon, let’s cut the shit here.

It tastes the way tidepods smell, it’s soapy, and the reason for this is the chemical compound aldehyde, which I am apparently sensitive to. Aldehydes are found in cilantro and in soap (among other things). Some people don’t notice it, other people (like me) have literally thrown food in the garbage because of it.

I once read that people turned off by cilantro have a receptor gene variation that makes the aldehydes really pop, and it is only found in a small percentage of the population.

If you’re in the majority, congratulations on being able to enjoy Mexican food worry-free!

Anyway (after the tiger and the lion) jaguars are the 3rd largest cats in the world and the largest cats in the americas. They are excellent swimmers, which leaves prey few options when it comes to evading these masterful hunters.

Jaguar prey on capybaras, deer, tortoises, iguanas, armadillos, fish, birds, monkeys and even caiman – basically anything that resides in their territory is potential food for a jaguar.

As for me and my aldehyde sensitivity, please go easy on the chinese parsley.


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