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Blood Harvest
πŸ“Έ by @thejunglechic

Hyenas pop up to take a break from their feast, a freshly killed wildebeest.

Spotted hyenas possess a bite force that maxes out at around 1100psi, which is almost double the bite force of an adult lion (650psi). They also have a reputation for being scavengers, but spotted hyenas actually hunt down and kill more prey than they steal from others.

Female spotted hyenas are generally larger than the males, are more aggressive, and they also possess fake penises that fooled scientists into believing that all hyenas were hermaphrodites, with the ability to change sex at will in the early days of hyena research.

Now that you know all of that, it should come as no surprise that female hyenas dominate the hierarchy of these clans, the males are just passengers along for the ride and are presumably kept around for breeding purposes and to bolster their numbers.

There are a few other animal hierarchies that are structure in a similar way: hamsters, lemurs and red colobus monkeys are also female dominated, and female orcas and elephants usually live longer, so they end up being defacto leaders due to their unmatched wisdom.

Hyenas get a bad rap because of certain media *cough* lionking *cough* but they are absolutely essential to the ecosystem in which they exist and are legitimately badass animals to boot.


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