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Full Swing
πŸ“½ by @justonemorely

Leopard seal trying to pop the cork on an unfortunate adelie penguin.

Sea leopards (Hydrurga leptonyx) are the largest seals in the world, if you ignore the fact that elephant seals exist. The can grow up to 1300lbs (589kg) and and reach a maximum length of 11ft (3.3m)

The best place to see a leopard seal is Antarctica, though it is not totally unheard of to see them in the water off the coasts of Australia, New Zealamd and South Africa.

When orcas are not in the picture, leopard seals run the show. They eat everything your run of the mill seals eat: fish, krill, and crustaceans, but they are the only type of seals that hunt and consume penguins. They can and will hunt penguins on land and in the water.

However, when orcas are around, leopard seals do what everything else in the ocean does: stay the hell away.


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