Buzz Off
πŸ“Έ by @joinus12345

The oriental honey buzzard specializes in targeting and ripping apart the hives of bees, wasps and hornets to feed on the larvae ancased within.

This is their main food source, which is occasionally supplemented with frogs, young birds, miscellaneous insects and bits of honey comb.

Oriental honey buzzards are the only known natural predator of the asian giant hornet, their long toes and claws help them dig up these nests (which are predominantly built on or under ground) in order to access their coveted larval cuisine.

Obviously, the victims of these attacks are none too pleased and throw everything they have at their attacker in the hopes of mounting a convincing defense, but the feathers of the honey buzzard are oriented in such a way as to create a impregnable coat of “armour” that their stingers cannot penetrate.

Their feathers are also theorized to be laced with a chemical deterrent against wasp attacks, but I wasn’t able to find any info to support that. The legs and feet of the honey buzzard are heavily scaled and the feathers around their bill are also very tough to penetrate.

As far as I can tell, the only vulnerable spot on their body seems to be the eyes, but I’m not sure bees, wasps and hornets have very good aim, otherwise you’d assume they’d have adapted something to close that hole in their defense.


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