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War Paint
📸 by @tapansheth

Two cheetahs, covered in the blood of the breathless.

If I didnt know better, I’d say that these 2 just got finished tearing through a bag of flamin’ hot… nevermind…. all jokes aside, it’s great to see a photo of cheetos scoring a meal.

More often than not, cheetahs* have their kills stolen by either lions or hyenas. One reason it happens so frequently is because cheetahs are ill-equipped to fight off either of those animals one-on-one, let alone a larger group of them.

Kleptoparasitism is a way of life in the wild, it’s the difference between burning a ton of energy to make a kill OR letting another predator do the hard work for you and just bullying them off and claiming it for yourself.

Cheetah coalitions are the solution to this, male cheetahs band together to make hunting, and defending the spoils of that hunt more feasible. The success rate of both improves when you compare a group of cheetahs to a solitary one.

#nimrewind August 6th 2020


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