A Sight To Behold
πŸ“Έ by @l.lou30

Spectacular photos of a massive rotating supercell over west Texas.

The power of nature is humbling, and the sky above us is an ever-evolving work of art. Combine the pent up energy of the storm with the natural artistry on display for us at all times and you get a massive and stunning display of immense power and beauty.

For the most part, storm chasing is a labour of love driven by insatiable curiosity, where payment is accepted in the form of bearing witness to the incredible might of the storm itself or the thrill of not knowing what comes next.

Snapping a one-in-a-million photo doesn’t hurt either…

@l.luo30 was savvy enough to set up a website and sell prints of this incredible moment in time, she’s got a link up in her bio in case anyone is interested.


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